About us

We support Ecommerce in French and English around the Globe

We are E-Commerce-Support.com, a company specializing in supporting online businesses and their customers in their daily work routines in French and English. We go beyond traditional customer service and support by assisting with time-consuming tasks related to selling products and services online sales, such as order management, supplier and inventory management…

Our Story & Vision

Frustrated by limited support options for one of our own multilingual e-commerce business, we knew there had to be a better way. Despite needing only a few hours of effective work daily, we found ourselves stuck with expensive large-scale companies, full-time hires, or freelancers who couldn’t tick all the boxes. That’s why E-Commerce-Support was born. We aim to provide what we lacked: tailored bilingual services that support businesses in their everyday online routine tasks, allowing them to focus on what truly matters.

How we work

As if your business were our own. We understand your business, because we’ve been there. We built our own e-commerce businesses from the ground up, selling from France to over 70 countries. This gives us firsthand experience with navigating both local and international markets, speaking the languages, and utilizing the technologies and platforms you use.


Meet Your new Support